West Kept Secret x The Cheeky Been

Owner Marissa West has worked with celebrity clients ranging from international personalities like Olivia Culpo, to NFL cheerleaders, and prominent bloggers. Blogger Vanessa Dyer (@thecheekybeen), has been "in on it" for over a year and has transformed her body postpartum. Vanessa was inundated with requests from followers worldwide for her workout routine and nutrition tips. Marissa and Vanessa teamed up to deliver on this ask!

This Program Includes:

- Four A Week workouts & Four B Week workouts

- Both weeks include two full body workouts (30 minutes each) with a core and glute focus, one cardio workout (15 minutes), and one recovery workout (15 minutes)

- A comprehensive guide on how to structure your workout week to maximize results

- Vanessa's favorite healthy snack suggestions

No props are needed for this program, so it can be done anytime, anywhere. We programmed all of Vanessa’s favorite WKS movements to sculpt your core, lift your glutes, and deliver the results you are looking for! For $99 you can finally experience WKS, which includes everything you could want or need in one results-driven workout!