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WKS is a HIIT-style workout (born in Charlotte, NC!) fusing Pilates, cardio, and strength together, providing a 1-stop shop workout (which our clients and class takers love!) While our signature in-person methodology incorporates machines at each station, our streaming is available to do with no props and still get a great sweat in (as you experienced above!)

The moves and intervals change every video. We provide modifications, advancements and substitute moves in each video so this service is truly for everyone, whether rehabbing an injury, for someone who rarely works out or works out every day. All videos are pre-recorded and are available any time, anywhere, to be watched as many times as you want; that means no working out on someone else’s schedule trying to catch it live! The cost is $49.99/month with NO contract; you can cancel anytime. You get 14 videos to watch over 30 days, with half changing out every 2 weeks, so you’ll always have variety and fresh content. We offer 30-min and 45-min total body options, then 10 mins or less muscle focuses as well. Get started by registering above!

Xo, Marissa & Heidi