The Official Trainers of the Carolina

After years of hard work and persistence, we are now the Official Fitness Trainers of the Carolina Panthers’ professional cheerleading team: the TopCats! This organization is so special to us because not only are they the home team, we have multiple trainers that are TopCats alumni. You’ll see us in the stands rooting for the TopCats (and the Panthers) all season long, while we help them feel their best through our signature methodology via group classes, private team bootcamps, and nutrition counseling.


WKS is a high-intensity interval-based workout that fuses together different workout focuses into one dynamic format; cardio, strength training, and Pilates. Each individual focus area provides support for an all-around healthy lifestyle but cannot deliver results on its own / as a standalone offering or class type. Fusing cardio and strength training together sheds fat and replaces it with lean muscle, while Pilates serves as the main component of core work and stability. Fusing these together in one hour saves clients time and money from having to be a member at multiple studios. They are able to experience everything they could want or need in one results-driven workout!

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As cliché as it sounds, the first step to conquering your fear, is coming to try a class! As soon as a WKS trainer greets you at the door, learns your name, and asks your injury history, you will feel at ease.

The WKS trainer will go over the interval to make sure you understand the timing, then demonstrate each movement at every station, so you feel comfortable before warming up. The best part about our classes? You are not alone! There are individuals of all different fitness levels sweating right next to you!

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