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Email Address

Large Group Studio Location

1444 Harding Pl.
Charlotte, NC, 28204

Personal + Semi-Private Training Location

1444 Harding Place
Charlotte, NC, 28204

How do I inquire about Personal Training?
Please fill out our “get in touch form,” or email us directly at (not .com!) We commit to a response time of 48 hours or less! When inquiring, please include why you are looking to start your fitness journey, and your daily availability Monday-Friday.
How do I sign up for a class?
Download Our App! Then create a username and password. From there, select “schedule” and class of your choice, purchase a class credit, and be sure to use it to sign up! If you have any trouble signing up for classes, please email us at (not .com), so we can assist you further.
I am so out of shape and I’m scared to try a class, help!
We know how intimidating it can be to try a new fitness class, especially if you are not exercising regularly. Our team is here to support you from the moment you walk through our doors. We pride ourselves on learning each client name, walking you through the class format, and learning about your injury history. We will also dive into each machine prior to class to ensure you are prepared. (We recommend arriving 10 minutes early to your first class to give you and our staff time for this walk through). Our commitment to you is ensuring you have a safe, fun, and effective class every single time. We provide modifications for every fitness level on every machine. We have clients of all different fitness levels sweating next to you. Together, we will turn fitness intimidation into fitness inspiration!
Do you offer muscle specific classes?
All muscles will be targeted in every single class! At WKS, you will experience everything you need in one results-driven workout. You will never leave class feeling like you need to add another workout into your day. We also offer a deep stretch class, RESTORE, to complement the high intensity work done during our SIGNATURE classes.
How many times a week should I come to class?
The WKS methodology is designed to work your body to muscle failure, so recovery time is important. The amount of time your body will need to recover depends on your own personal fitness level and nutrition. We suggest a minimum of 12 hours prior to coming to your next class. Our recommendation is to come to our SIGNATURE classes 3-4 times a week and 1 RESTORE class weekly. This well-rounded workout week will set you up for success to achieve the best results possible.
What are your policies? (Late Cancellation, No Show, Waitlist, Expiration, Locked Door)
• If you cancel class within 12 hours of class time, this is considered a “late cancel.”
• If you have a class package, you lose a class credit.
• If you are an unlimited member of any kind, you will be charged a $12 fee.
• "No Show" means you did not show up to class (i.e., you were not checked in by our staff).
• If you have a class package, you lose a credit.
• Also, any client type who “no shows” is charged a $18 fee.
Please note: We have waitlists of committed clients who are eager to make it into class, so we kindly ask that you cancel yourself out of class prior to the 12-hour mark to avoid any fees and allow our other clients to get into class.
• If you add yourself to a WL(s), you can be auto dropped into class up to 30 mins prior to class starting.
• You will receive an email if you are auto dropped in.
• Please ensure you are subscribed to our emails and texts. We recommend checking the email address and phone number in your profile in our app to confirm it is where you want to receive communications from us.
• We depend on our clients to manage their own WLs. If you want to get into any class, we recommend setting an alarm and checking your app an hour prior to class beginning. If it says WAITLISTED next to the class time, you are not currently enrolled. If it says BOOKED, you are in the class! We recommend putting yourself on only one WL.
EXPIRATION DATE (These are also listed in our app.)
• New Client Special: expires 30 days from purchase date
• 1 Drop-In Credit: expires 30 days from purchase date
• 5-pack: expires 2 months from purchase date
• 10-pack: expires 3 months from purchase date
• 20-pack: expires 6 months from purchase date
The door will be locked at the start of class for safety purposes. We recommend arriving 5 minutes prior to class to ensure you are on time.
When will I start to see results?
At WKS, we celebrate every body type being different. If you attend class 2-3 times per week, you will notice changes in your physique and energy by the end of week four. In addition, you will see an improvement in your overall strength and confidence.
Where are you located? Where do I park?
We are located at 1444 Harding Pl., Charlotte, NC, 28204. Our large group classes are held in our downstairs studio. Our personal + semi-private training is held in our upstairs studio. We have 14 dedicated parking spots on the first floor of the Berkshire parking deck and ample parking along Harding Place Dr.