Ready to Get Started?


Email Address

Large Group Class Location

1444 Harding Pl.
Charlotte, NC 28204

Personal Training Location

2615 Hilliard Drive,
Charlotte, NC, 28205

How do I inquire about Personal Training?
The best way to get a response is our email address listed above! We commit to a turnaround / response time of 48 hours or less! When inquiring, please include why you’re looking to start this fitness journey and your daily availability Mon-Fri.
How do I sign up for a class?
Use this direct Mindbody Online Link can download the app! In the top right under “Businesses” search “West Kept Secret.” Once the WKS profile comes up, click into it and at the bottom you’ll see “View Schedule.” Click into the schedule and scroll over to the date in which you’d like to sign up for class. Once you have clicked into the class of your choice, buy a class credit, and be sure to use it to sign up! (Yes, it’s easy to forget that part!)
I am so out of shape and I’m scared to try a class, help!
As cliché as it sounds, the first step to conquering your fear, is coming to try! As soon as a WKS trainer greets you at the door, learns your name and asks your injury history, you will feel at ease in your new conquest. The WKS trainer will go over the interval to make sure you understand the timing, then specifically demonstrate each movement at each station so you feel comfortable before warming up. The best part about our classes? You are not alone! There are individuals of all different fitness and experience levels sweating right next to you! Don’t think.. just DO!
Do you offer muscle specific classes?
We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for a full body workout that includes cardio! You will never leave a WKS class needing to get another workout in as we have you covered on working all muscle groups through strength training and cardio using different props and machines!
How many times a week should I come to class?
This methodology is designed to work your body to muscle failure, so recovery time is important. The amount of time your body will need to recover depends on your own personal fitness level and nutrition, but we ask that you take a minimum of 12 hours prior to coming to your next class. Our recommendation is to come 3-4 times a week to get the best results. Remember, our muscles and bodies can’t change without rest and time to rebuild… and you giving 100% in class of course!
Cancelation / Late / Inclement Weather – Policies
Due to limited number of spaces available, you can change or cancel your class up to 24 hours before the class starts. Please note, we do not give refunds; your class will go back in your account for you to use another time. If you cancel within 24 hours before class starts, you will lose the class. We cannot give refunds for any classes that you are a “no show.” If you are 5 minutes late to class, we will lock the studio door for safety purposes. This is a non-negotiable, as safety is a priority to us and it’s important for you to see the workout demonstration. It is very important to arrive on time, so you can get a balanced workout and do not disrupt class. If you are not at the studio within the first 5 minutes of class, you will be marked as a late cancel. We operate on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) weather policy. If local schools are closed, it is up to you as the client if you feel comfortable driving to the studio or not. If you do not, you will not be penalized in any way and may use the class credit again in the future (no refund). Classes will run regardless of the school system’s decision, unless you are otherwise notified. This notification would come to you via email.
When will I start to see results?
Everybody and every body is different. On average, if you attend class 2-3 times per week, you will start to see and feel changes by the end of week four, and you will notice a big difference in your overall strength and improvement in moves around this same time.
Where are you located?
Our private training takes place at: 2615 Hilliard Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28205 and our large group classes take place at 1444 Harding Pl., Charlotte, NC, 28204